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Let me be… is a ritual where a dancer, a choreographer and a lighting designer come together to have a deep conversation, each in their respective language, about the secret poetry of their lives. The dance is the main visual language, dialoguing with the light, and finalizing it’s journey by heavenly composition of Vivaldi.


The ritual takes place in a square of 2,5 x 2,5 m, in a minimalistic light design setting.

The performer, Beliz Demircioglu, the lighting designer Jan Komárek, and the choreographer Berrak Yedek invite us to this ritual which takes us through the mysterious paths of a dancer’s inner poetry. Costume is designed and made by Ezgi Akpinarli.


Duration: approx. 45 minutes



Choreography: Berrak Yedek

Performance: Beliz Demircioglu

Lighting design: Jan Komárek

Costume: Ezgi Akpinarli

Project assistant: Basak Sila Bengisu


Produced by Limpid Works Ltd. (Prague) within the framework of the “Artist-in-Residence Program” of İstanbul Bilgi University, and the 10th Anniversary of the Performing Arts Department

With the generous help and collaboration of the student team of Management of Performing Arts and Performing Arts Tracks.

​Our most special and sincere thanks go to Aylin Kalem who has initiated the Artist-in-residence program at Istanbul Bilgi University and always supported us with her artistic vision and expertise. 

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