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Beliz’s performance “let me be“ and the utter perfection of its silence confront the public with their own feelings in an overwhelming yet fragile way. More than a performance it reaches the intensity of a transforming cathartic ritual. Like in a form of meditation the mind rebels when taken out of its comfort zone.
I felt it guided me through a truly unknown territory.
The play broke me apart and its denouement healed me back together more conscious and human than before.

Giggıo gıovannı

“Let me be” is a ritualistic performance but your experience with Let me be cannot be described by these very limited two words. Beliz Demircioglu and Berrak Yedek open a space that Demircioglu continues speaking to us from the depths of our own vulnerabilities, insecurities, sacred identities as human beings, and what she does has the electric eloquence of our innermost truth through her narration in movement. During the performance I couldn't help but wonder if art is an agency that has the power to heal our wounds, those wounds to be seen and recognised by others to make us stronger. Is it dance or poetry of life that manifests itself as dance inviting you gently?

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